Examples food photography and product photography

As a photo studio we like to inspire our customers in their search for a suitable style of food photography. Our backgrounds and backgrounds often form the basis for an idea that we develop into a food photography concept. Which color backdrops suits the dish or product? And what kind of backgrounds and surfaces do we choose? Industrial, rustic or an antique look with old weathered wood? We know better than anyone how important the choice of background or background for food photography is.

That is why we have compiled a LookBook with our Food Boards that may give you the necessary inspiration when choosing a beautiful backdrop for food photography in our web store. On your search for a beautiful background or background for food photography you can be inspired by our Lookbook full of examples of how our food photography surfaces are used. You can also find these sample photos with substrates in the webshop. We usually ship our Food Boards within 3 working days to addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium. The handmade surfaces have a delivery time of approximately 10 working days, unless in stock.

Buy backdrops and surfaces online.

Have you gained enough inspiration in the meantime? Then go to our web store for more examples and buy your new inspiring backgrounds and backgrounds for food photography online.